Q: What is this site for?

A: This site is for analyzing your LiveSplit stats, setting goals for yourself, and making your data in an easy to digest format.

it also provides tools for streamers to make there split data much easier to read and follow.

Q: I have a suggestion for the site, how can I do that?

A: Simple! Use the contact module, you can find it in the above drop-down menu.

If that doesn't work for you, you can always tag @holdrightgofast on twitter. I welcome all suggestions to the site.

Q: What about individual level leaderboards, and other variables?

A: There are many sub-options that I will EVENTUALLY include on the site, but they are truly not of high priority for the site at the moment. The ability to check leaderboards is more meant for keeping place for your own progress, if you would like the most up-to-date, and the best info on a games leaderboards USE speedrun.com!

That all being said, I do eventually intend to include all of the sub cats, and other games (like the original Megaman games which have their own API) on the site but at the moment I have other matters I would like to take care of.

Q: I would like to help out with submitting content, how can I do that?

A: I welcome any content that works with this site, be it stories for the news section, or people with images/or other content that makes this site better

The best thing to of course do is get in touch, and let me know what type of help you are willing to give!

Q: I would like to support the development of this site, how can I?

A:If you want to support the development of this application, consider supporting the following first :

In the event you still feel the desire to support this app and its development, stop by my stream and say hello. I am not doing this for money, and it will be ad-free and free to use for as long as it exists.

Q: The layout sucks!

A: That isn't a question, But you are correct! The layout is a WIP.

This site was taken from a number of tools I created for myself with a UI slapped on top of it.

The interface will get better as the site goes on.