This is not a functioning site, and is mearly a sandbox that I, WolfMerrik, have been using to develop tools for myself and other speedrunners. I have a many ideas and things that I intend to do with it WHEN I have the time. If you are interested in working on this site along side with me, please feel free to contact me via Twitter @WolfMerrik or

Please feel free to look around, but understand that nothing but a few tools are completed, and even they are buggy

Registration has been disabled, becaues this site DOES NOT WORK. its basically a very old page that I am in the process of recoding from the ground up WHEN/IF I have the time.


This page is designed to help speedrunners and streamers keep goals, and present them in a visual way to their viewers.
Using a series of configurable API calls from twitch / / streamlabs as well as the popular splitter program LIVESPLIT to creates a simple and configurable user interface for creating a variety of visual effects/themes/modules

The UI is not designed to be flashy, it is designed to be simple, and easy to use.
I want to provide a simple means for Speedrunners to be able to view their progress, and share it with others on their streams


All questions, comments, suggestions, bugs, and Security should use the Contact form.

If you have a suggestion on a new module I would love to hear about it. I cant garauntee that I will be able to create it immediately, or even in general. However, if I feel it will benefit the community and not just a praticular streamer, It will be much more likely for me to begin working on it ASAP. That being said, It will of course help stremers create unique content for their streams, they just may fall under a lower priority than modules that help the larger massses.


If you want to support the development of this application, consider supporting the following first :

In the event you still feel the desire to support this app and its development, stop by my stream and say hello. I am not doing this for money, and it will be ad-free and free to use for as long as it exists.